What Was Your Spelling Bee Word? Enter our Knock Knock Spelling Bee Giveaway!

“Best of the Bee” from ESPN.   This contest is now closed. Today kicks off the preliminary round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee—a.k.a. the annual competition starring kids who make us feel like our prepubescent years were filled with intellect and memory comparable to that of a tree branch. Still, who isn’t a fan of all the obscure and …

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Encapsulate Your Feelings Into A Rhyme—A Reality Rhyme! It’s Our “Something for Nothing” Feature!

Starting this month, we will be publishing our Reality Rhymes greeting card series—one for each week of love-fest February (and other scattered holidays throughout the year). We understand if you’ll want to share our rhymes with friends, family, and lovers—and we wholly support it, if not insist on it. You can also follow our fresh Tumblr, as it plays hub …

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Gray Sweaters and Cardigan Wearers, Unite . . . . . . Because it’s Monday!

The Knock Knock Long-Sleeved-Gray-Sweaters-and-Cardigans Squad (from left to right): Chelsea, manufacturing coordinator; Carolyn, VP of sales, Trish, VP of brand development; Rex, e-commerce manager; Melanie, marketing and digital coordinator.

We understand that Mondays can be glum. That’s why the Knock Knock Long-Sleeved-Gray-Sweaters-and-Cardigans Squad is here to wish you a “Happy” Monday. (Notice we took this pic in front of Carolyn’s gray car—it’s most fitting.) Okay, so a few of us just so happened to wear similar-looking tops on the same day. But remember that day we all wore plaid? …

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At Knock Knock, We Are Sometimes “Wackadoo” It’s Our “Word of the Moment” Feature!

Second result for “wackadoo” on Google Images.

For some reason, I have lately been in love with the word “wackadoo.” As with most transient word crushes, I peak by using a word far too often. This is especially the case with words that stand out as unusual. A few weeks ago, my cousin was visiting me, and she noted that I had uttered “wackadoo” at least three …

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