Take A Trip to China in Knock Knock Fashion Knock Knockers’ Latest Trip Overseas

Elyse working. Or at least, she manipulated this photo to make it look as if she was.

Our manufacturing director, Elyse, and our president, Jim, have traveled together to China several times now and have come up with a pretty standard formula for these business trips. Wanna feel like you’re on a Knock Knock biz trip? Here’s the protocol:

1. Always sit as far away as possible from each other on the plane in order to avoid embarrassing glimpses of your coworker drooling or snoring.

2. Take pictures of you working so the folks back at home know you’re actually doing something constructive.

3. Eat noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (This is mostly Elyse’s mandate, But she did get Jim hooked on morning noodles.)

4. Get dinner at the restaurant KimChee in Hong Kong at least once.

Elyse and Jim at dinner. Delicious!


5. On the last night of the trip, enjoy a relaxing drink overlooking the Victoria Harbour.

The harbor at night.


. . . And there you go!