What We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving and Every Other Day

Pilgrim Sherman

Ahh, Thanksgiving—a time for family, friends, food, and food comas. We, here at Knock Knock, have so much to be thankful for, so let’s share!

1. “I’m thankful for little hats that are not meant for cats, but let’s not kid ourselves, they are TOTALLY meant for cats. I’m also thankful that being a cat lady is kind of in style at the moment (plug for 100 Reasons to Panic about Being a Cat Lady), otherwise how do I live with myself?” – Janet, marketing designer (her cat, Sherman, is featured above)

2.“The things I’m (especially) thankful for this year are friends, family, and . . . Pete Holmes! Being a non-native to CA, every person I meet that becomes a true soul friend is a rare gift and I’m thankful for every last one of them. My family inspires me to remain true to my Midwestern roots, and I’m grateful for them every day. And, lastly, I’m thankful for Pete Holmes who is my favorite comedian/entertainer and his weekly podcast (You Made it Weird) keeps me laughing and inspires to be my wacky (weirdo) self.” – Sara, e-commerce manager

Sara Hartman

3. “I’m thankful for all the people (and cats) that I love in my life, which is very cliché, but the truth. My family and friends, that bf dude, and my cat, Captain Daenerys Phoebs Tonks Bluth (Dany for short).” – Melanie, marketing and digital coordinator

Mel and Dany

4. “I’m grateful for my knucklehead family—by that I mean my husband Joseph and son Clyde. What more can a girl ask for?” – Trish, SVP, brand development


5. “The one word text we send each other at least once a week—’Peet’s?’—often comes on hectic, undercaffeinated, or sleepy mornings. Therefore, we are always thankful to arrive at the Knock Knock offices and find an iced or hot latte at our desks.” –Rebecca, assistant editor; and Elyse, director of manufacturing

Peet's Coffee

6. “This year I’m more thankful than ever that I have so many close friends whom I’ve known in many cases for decades. While newer friends are always wonderful, there’s something about friendship over time that just can’t be compressed. My two best friends of all life are Leah and Arielle. I met Leah in Brownies when we were 7, and at 8 years old, I met Arielle at her house when I began what would be ten years of classical piano lessons taught by her mom, Elizabeth. Leah lives in Boston now, and Arielle in Granada, Spain, but they’re still my best friends and I know they love me unconditionally, which I’ve learned is actually pretty rare.” – Jen, head honcho

1983 JB and Arielle dolphin shorts1982 JB and Leah flute and piano

7. “As a recent hire of Knock Knock, this year I am thankful for the opportunity to be in sunny California working for such a great company. The people and culture around this office has been warm and inviting. As a new resident to the state, I am excited and look forward to what the new year brings!” – Conner, sales assistant


8. “I’m thankful for my amazing hubby, Mike, and my silly boys, Jake and Jason. They are such a pleasure and I love them dearly.” – Kelly, operations and analyst

Kelly and Family

9.  “I’m extremely thankful for my awesome, loving, and crazy family. I’m stuck with them for life, after all! Oh and honey-baked ham.” – Jill, marketing assistant

Jill and Family


What are you thankful for this year? Tell us in a comment!