The “Coolness Graphed” Art Show Show and Tell

"Coolness Graphed" Art Show. Good deal.

Leo Burnett charmingly spotlighted our main Coolness man RC Jones’s hand-drawn graphs last month. Wish we could’ve trekked to Chicago to attend! The showcase displayed an array of Coolness Graphed charts alongside the book.

Rows and rows of “Coolness” graphs. This makes us happy.


Everyone enjoying the graphs!


Also, kudos to RC’s colleagues, who topped off the cork art space with a dash of pranking. “The art directors I work with had a good bit of fun pasting up prints of the selfies I’ve taken on their phones,” RC said.

“Any time a phone is left out, I grab it and take a quick pic,” RC said. Bravo, prankers.


The complete wall of RC selfies.


Check out more Coolness Graphed here. And read more about RC (and see more selfies!) here.

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