The Great Chocolate Bar Giveaway! . . . Wait, Knock Knock Makes Chocolate Bars?

If there’s one thing the holidays should be about, it’s giving unto others (and drinking bottomless cups of eggnog).

So, we’re awarding gift givers this season with an exclusively sweet treat—Knock Knock chocolate bars!

Starting today through this Thursday, every person who places an order from our site will automatically be put into a daily drawing. At the end of each day, we will randomly select a winner*, who then gets to pick three Knock Knock bars to indulge in. This giveaway is now closed. But keep on giving!

Also, If you’re scratching your head, asking, “What? Knock Knock makes chocolate bars? What’s next, garden gnomes?!” The answer is yes, we make chocolate bars with our buddies at the Praim Group. Luckily, their online store is coming soon! (But we’re holding off on the garden gnomes.)

And just between you and us, several of these premium chocolate bars aren’t even in physical stores yet (although you can purchase some of them in bulk here.) Check them out below, and allow the influx of gift giving to commence.

*FYI, we use a computerized, number “randomizer” to select the winner fair and square. We did try using spitballs and darts, but it didn’t work out.

You could win three of these babies!