The Paper Antidote to Boredom: B&N’s On-the-Go Game Pad A Pad to Help You Get Through Your Upcoming Holiday Trip

You’re familiar with our mighty signature line, but did you know we also create custom goods, too? Since 2007, we’ve worked ever so closely with a variety of brands to design products that fit a retailer’s specific customer need and overall style. Of course, all our custom stuff is sprinkled with Knock Knock flair, as well as our distinct design sensibility and wit. We’re excited to share these products with you, and hope you like them!

Barnes and Noble On-the-Go Game Pad

Knock Knock's On-the-Go Game Pad exclusively for Barnes & Noble.

During this year’s holiday family trip, avoid the hours of annoying punch buggies and “beers on the wall” with the Barnes and Noble On-the-Go Game Pad by Knock Knock.

This 60-sheet game pad is perfect for curing backseat boredom—all you need is a pencil! This pad features five classic games for the young and old alike:

The Game Pad feature five differnent games for your amusement: Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, Dots & Boxes, Fortune Teller, and Categories.

• Tic-Tac-Toe

• Hangman

• Dots & Boxes

• Fortune Teller

• Categories

And to make the time pass even faster, tear and share a game with a friend!

Get to doodling with the Game Pad ($8.95) at a Barnes & Noble location near you.