The Very Best To-Do Lists of All Time! (Part Two) It’s the Winners of the Our First Blog Contest!

Like I said yesterday, I was so moved by the entries to our very first blog competition that I couldn’t stand to choose. Rest assured that future competitions will be completely cutthroat. So everybody who sent us their to-do lists, ranging from the heroic to the hilarious, is going to get a To Do Pad and a To Do Sticky. That’s right—just for showing up.

Here is the second (of two) installment of the utterly tickling and sometimes befuddling entries, in theme order:

Category 3—The Real, the Productive, the Verisimilitudinous:

Sometimes you just gotta get stuff done. And these folks are on it.

Marnely Rodriguez is the total package: practical (“Call tax guy”), creative (“Panna Cotta,” “Make Shutterfly Album”), and possibly bilingual (“¿Lychees?”). And she also still uses index cards, which warms my twelfth-grade AP calculus heart (I used them as flashcards so that I wouldn’t die). And most importantly, she’s got a flair for the gastronomically absurd. Her writing projects in include “Honest Cooking: Bananas?” “Joonbug: Banana Lover Day,” and “Vanilla Thursdays.” Hey, if Thursdays are going to be about vanilla, Marnely, I’m in.


Michelle is a woman after my own mouth with her “You Better Fucking Get on This,” though I suspect that pad is from a Knock Knock competitor and wish her better Knock Knock luck next time. I admire her tripartite construction, possibly comprising sheets from three different pads of paper, and now I’m realizing that I need to put “FB: Likes” on my to-do list because clearly I’m not getting around to it as I should.


Here’s what I have to say about Amy Vitale: rock on, girl (slightly better than “You go, girl,” which should be retired into the pantheon of stupidest sayings ever). Except that I mean “rock on” in a good way, because check out Amy’s “To Do” with an Elvis-like TCB lightning bolt below it! Even better, it reminds me of the guy (a senior!) I sat next to in high school freshman year Spanish who used to doodle the Dokken logo on his notebook. Amy’s “Today” and “This Week” adornments, however, harken to Japanese artistry, so clearly she’s pretty darn diverse—and probably a computer programmer or website designer to boot.


Lee Miller? I want to meet D’Andre. I’m seriously lacking these days for people whose names start with “D’.” I’m loving your crafty sensibility, including what I’m guessing is your own choice of rose border from inside some sort of word-processing software. Way to make it your own. And I’ve got three words to say about your craftiness—“ah,” “maze,” and “ing.” I really hope you are past “drink[ing] the icky stuff for probing”—I’ve been there, girl. Please let us know whether you decided to go to Ikea or Reno.


Category 4—Innovative Substrate:

Nicole Boesen Myszka is ready for her close-up. At least until I enlarged the image for a look-see. I had been certain that the lights illuminated a dressing room and that “Carnegie” meant “Carnegie Hall,” as in “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Now I’m realizing that she’s in her bathroom and she’s really savvy about making her to-do lists top of mind, or top of mirror. In her email to us, Nicole explained,

Lately, I have taken to leaving myself notes on the bathroom mirror in transparency marker, reminders of what I need in a place I will always see it. I’m a sales rep, so I have to remember what I need to bring, who I am going to see, and all the other daily tasks I have. This is a fantastic idea until someone takes a really hot shower because it gets wet and starts to run. I’m thinking about switching to Sharpie . . .

In other bathroom notes, Nicole let us know that she had just received Knock Knock’s Crap Pad and “can’t wait to start using it!” Thanks, Nicole!