The Winner of Our “Best Cereal of All Time” Giveaway! Which Cereal Trumps All?

Our Foldout History of Cereal book.

Thanks to everyone that submitted an entry for this contest! Whoa, do you people love cereal. It feels good to know we’re in good company.

Without further adieu, the winner of the “Best Cereal of All Time” giveaway is . . .

Bree Dinsmore of South Carolina!

Congrats, Bree. The “Deck-out Your Desk” kit is yours!


So, which cereal is the “best of all time”? Based on your entries, here are the top picks alongside the percentage of Knock Knock fans who gave a shout-out to each cereal.

Top 5 Favorite Cereals

1. Cheerios (13.75%)

2. Cap’n Crunch: (12%)

3. Frosted Flakes: (8.75%)

4. Lucky Charms: (8.75%)

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch: (5.62%)

Also, a few of you smacked us with nostalgia by mentioning these brands:

1. Quisp.

2. Freakies.

 Okay, now we’re hungry. Time for a cold bowl of grains.