The Winner of our Coolest Place to Work Contest And the Office Prize Pack Goes to . . .

Tessa from PointRoll's desk. It played victim to some serious office pranking. (Also, kudos for that Dwight Schrute bobblehead!)

Wow, guys. You really know how to make us jealous.

It was tough sifting through all the entries and choosing just one winner for our Coolest Place to Work contest. However, upon reviewing all of them, we momentarily decided to start a Knock Knock work-exchange program, like a job swap for the day, so we could meet all the great minds and personalities at your companies. Although, workflow would be zilch, so that idea was instantly stomped on.

Still, it wouldn’t be right to leave the runners-up entries underemphasized. So before we announce the contest winner, check out these guys out:

1. PointRoll, based in King of Prussia, Pa. Tessa’s entry had us jotting down notes and ideas for future pranks, which is a forte at her office:

“My co-workers made sure I knew their thoughts on my laugh sounding like that of a guinea pig. In fact, when I laugh, that would say, ‘There is the GPL (guinea pig laugh).’ So, to drive their point home, while on vacation, they covered my desk to look like a guinea pig cage! Complete with wood chips, paper cut-outs of guinea pigs, a wheel and a mini-water bottle! They were even kind enough to put the wood chips on garbage bags for easy clean up! I was able to make it four full hours working at this desk before the wood scent became too overwhelming. Ha!”

2. Kiwi Creative, based in Cleveland, Ohio. This marketing and design studio caught our eye with their spunky ‘tude and high-energy. And it just so happens their CEO is also named Jen and goes by “head honcho and creative genius.” Fancy that! Other reasons why they’re on this list:

“Our clients also appreciate our quirkiness—it’s not uncommon for them to stop by our studio bearing candy and beer at 9:17 a.m. Yum-mo! The Kiwi fun continues outside of the office, too. Our junior designer, Jamie, was hypnotized at our last trade show and we’ve been known to do a shot (or two) at corporate events with open bars. That’s why our fans around town say, ‘It’s not a celebration until the Kiwi gals are in the house!’ (Yes, that’s an actual quote from Twitter.)”

The fun gals of Kiwi Creative.


3. STN Channel 2, University of Hartford in West Hartford, Conn. Rachel, who in fact was a past Friend of the Month, submitted her student-run news station and wrote, “We put together a great, professional-looking show all by ourselves every week, and we’re only students!” And we totally believe you and think you all deserve high-fives. We also enjoyed reading a sample of the random conversations heard daily in the newsroom (e.g, “Facebook is like breathing—you don’t check it, you die.”) It reminded us of our own daily conversations that may or may not make our crew sound completely ridiculous.

The young minds behind Univeristy of Hartford’s STN Channel 2. You all are very silly, and you make us very proud.


Now, the winner! Congratulations, Chartreuse of Lakewood, Ohio!

Sara from Chartreuse shared more about her company: 1. Lunch is always an event at Chartreuse!; 2. Charity rides to work on her cool vintage bicycle.; 3. Group latte run and wellness outing on our bikes.; 4. Sara, Charity and Michelle hanging out before a party in Le Petit Parc (a functional outdoor and entertaining space behind their studio).


Chartreuse is a graphic design studio that seems to have the picturesque lifestyle that we wish we could manage here in Venice, Calif. “From the chandelier hanging in the bathroom to group latte runs on bicycles, we infuse a playful attitude in everything we do. Outside in Le Petit Parc, we use our patio to eat lunch al fresco, host happy hour gatherings for friends, and our annual Art in the Parc event, now in it’s fourth year, featuring local Cleveland artists. No day is the same, but each day is always filled with surprise, style, friendship and fun.” . . .Seriously? You ladies live in what seems to be a hip, CW dramedy, and we are teeming with envy. You all deserve the Knock Knock prize pack!


Thanks again to those who entered. And make sure to keep your eye out for more Knock Knock contests and giveaways!