The Winner of Our Twitter Background Design Contest Who Will Receive Our Ten-Year Anniversary Prize Pack?

We asked you all to create a new Twitter background for us, encompassing our company’s “fun in functional” philosophy. A big thanks to everyone who submitted a design—you all really do get us and are so deserving of exploding high-fives. But after much strenuous deliberation, we finally chose a winner . . .

Congrats, Kelsey Spencer of Austin, Texas! We’re big fans of how Kelsey captured our love for doodling and whimsy and incorporated it into a fresh design, alluding to our Paper Mousepad. Plus, if anyone were to put the “pro” in “procrastination,” it would be us.

 Kelsey, keep a look out for an email to redeem you 10-Year Anniversary Prize Package. And everyone else, check out our Twitter now!


A couple of designs also caught our eye and we just had to share them. Here are the design runners-up:

1. Cathy Cribb’s of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nice flying cracks. That is all.

2. Heather Workman’s. A nod to our FB page. Way to streamline our social media designs and also include a potential Twitter profile pic and header! You thought of pretty much everything, Heather.

Finally, don’t forget to enter our last Twitter one-liner contest—bring on the pickups and come-ons, and include hashtag #KnockKnock10! What a perfect ending to a Twitter-filled day.