This Or That? On A Thursday Afternoon Because It’s Technically Almost The Weekend

View from outside our window.

It’s a quiet day at Knock Knock headquarters (every time I write “headquarters,” I feel like a regular gumshoe). But usually when it’s quiet around here (and more so when it’s not), minds are bustling and hustling along.

We’re getting ready for the holiday season amid preparing for tradeshows, finishing our Spring 2012 catalog, researching and designing Fall 2012 products, finalizing reports, sending product orders, and really abusing that new Nespresso machine.

It’s also Thursday afternoon and absolutely blah outside. (At least I think so. Check out that pic from our window.) The Venice sun certainly seems to be acting shy today, but I’m sure plenty of us Knock Knockers enjoy the gray skies.

I thought it would be fun for at least one of the busy bees in the office to take a short break and revisit childhood for a few minutes. So Kelly, our amazing and wonderful customer service manager, filled out a page of our This or That? Activity Book. I decided to fill out the other page to balance it out (and because I wanted to day dream for a little bit longer while I ate my lunch):

Kelly took a short break during this busy afternoon.
Our This or That? doodles. Mine is on the left, Kelly’s is on the right. I’m wondering if Kelly subconsciously underlined “beer.”


We hope everyone else is having a productive Thursday!