Throw A Barbecue For The Big Game—Knock Knock Style! Go Beyond Your Six Pack of Beer and Stacked Nachos

Tear off a sheet of our Rate That Beer Pad for you and your friends.

It’s been four years since “one of the most memorable upsets in Super Bowl history,” but alas, it’s t-minus six days until the “Pats” and the “G Men” will face off again.

Even if you don’t care two cents about the teams playing (or football in general), the game-day tradition has evolved into being more about stuffing your face with Paula Deen-ified noshes, slamming down pint glass after pint glass of filled-to-the brim ale, and ranking your favorite over-the-top commercial with friends and acquaintances than paying attention to the actual number of touchdowns.

But this time around, we have a few ideas for you to try out during this Sunday of super, making it that much more entertaining for you and the buddies, or at the very least, preventing it from becoming a “memorable upset.”

1. Tear off a sheet of our Rate That Beer Pad for you and your friends to use as mock placemats. You probably won’t have time to rank your beers, but it is blue (a color shared by both the New England and New York), so technically it’s interchangeable for each team.

Play a Madonna halftime drinking game.

2. Play a half-time drinking game while Madonna performs:

  • One sip every time the “Queen of Pop” switches up songs.
  • One sip for every time that song is from Like a Virgin or Like a Prayer.
  • Two sips if it’s from her new album, MDNA.
  • One sip for every hip thrust.
  • Two sips every time she speaks and exercises that faux-British accent.
  • One shot if pyrotechnics are involved.
  • One sip if they pan on a person in the crowd with a confused face.
  • One shot if a surprise guest comes on stage, two shots if it’s a new rapper, and three shots if it turns out to be Miley Cyrus.

3. Keep a WTF Chart on the wall to rank each commercial from 1 to 5 (i.e., 1= “weak”; 2= “slightly funny”; 3= “last-minute conversation-filler”; 4= “hilarious,” 5= “drink came out of my nose”). Take some stabs as to which will be viral and end up on BuzzFeed’s inevitable “Top 5 Commercials That Made You Say WTF?” list.

A much cuter bowl game.

4. Keep your What to Eat Pad out in the open and suggest that guests swap recipes with each other (if it’s a pot luck) depending on their favorite eats, or tell them that you would be happy to write down your own recipe for them (unless you’re not).

5. Take a break from the commotion and watch the real action going on at Puppy Bowl VIII. There are definitely more cuties in this game for sure.