Throw a Party for Two with Fete-a-Tete! It’s Our “Great Gift of the Week” Feature!

Hello. Does this not say instant party for two?

Fete-a-Tete—a play on “tête-a-tête,” meaning “head to head” en français. Fancy and a little bit confusing, right? It actually couldn’t be easier: it’s everything you need for an impromptu party for two—just add wine.

We’ve got Happy Birthday. We’ve got Congratulations. We’ve got Apology. Stock up on a few of these, and if you get that last-minute call or insert your foot in your mouth yet again, all you need is a quick stop at the liquor store and it’ll make you look like you really worked hard to plan the celebration.

Each Fete-a-Tete contains a banner, a multiple-choice wine label that sits quite nicely over the wine bottle’s existing label, two coasters, and a multiple-choice greeting card with envelope.

We’ve got your birthday.We’ve got your congratulations.

Happy Birthday is great for the “I’d like to treat you for dinner” friend get-together, or for a birthday with a significant other that falls on a weekday, with the real celebration to follow on a weekend.

Say somebody calls you to announce they’ve just gotten an exciting promotion. All you need is the Congratulations Fete-a-Tete (which, horrifyingly, acronyms to “FAT”) and, yes, the bottle of wine (which, if abused, might just make you fat, but we digress).

After a big fight in which you were (even just a little bit) in the wrong, the Apology Fete-a-Tete will put you back in anybody’s good graces. And if it doesn’t, either you’ve done something truly unforgivable or the person to whom you’re apologizing is an uncompassionate hard ass.

And for some of you (you know who you are!) we’ve got your apology.

We’d love to see this in wine and liquor stores at checkout. In fact, we’re working on that. We’ve always grooved on the phrase “Just add water,” so why not evolve into “Just add wine”? It’s so much more satisfying.

Fete someone’s tete today. We guarantee that your very own tete (or other French body part) will be the better for it.