How to Throw a Holiday Hibernation Party (For One)

Holiday Hibernation Tips - Serious Me Time Journal

’Tis the season to scour last-minute online shopping deals, wrap up hectic end-of-year projects, and plan travel with prowess you never knew you possessed. Nothing sucks up your energy quite like the holidays.

Before you completely lose it in all the madness, take the night off, glue your bottom to the couch, and get some self-hibernation inspiration from these pointers. Seclusion doesn’t get any better than this.

1. Silence everyone.
Put your phone on Do Not Disturb. No more endless group chats, text messages, or notifications to disrupt your all-night lazy fest. Tonight is all about you preventing holiday burnout.

2. Prep for some serious snacking.
Stockpile go-to’s like chips, pre-cut fruit, ice cream, or packs of dried seaweed if that’s your thing. We recommend popchips’ tasty flavors like zesty jalapeño cheddar and tangy barbecue.

3. Dress to (not) impress.
Wear what your heart desires—be it your favorite sweats or your birthday suit. We also won’t judge you if you don this wine glass holder necklace (aka the “WineYoke”).

4. Make delicious spirits.
Be your own bartender with easy yet tasty cocktails and mocktails. We suggest trying a few recipes from Drinks for Mundane Tasks to get you going.

5. Plan your watchlist beforehand.
Use a TV and movie-tracking app like to make sure you don’t miss a scene. Also, take advantage of Sling’s 7-day free trial in case you want to watch cable sans-cable.

6. Go on a book binge.
Or, if you want to give the TV a break for the night, pick up one of the novels from the unread stack of books piled up by your bed and actually read it. Goodreads has a great list of classics titles to turn to if you aren’t sure what to read next.

7. Turn your sofa time into spa time.
Have yourself a very merry at-home facial and use a rich, moisturizing mask, like SkinOwl’s beauty whip or moisturize like a champ with their Beauty Drops.

8. Paint a masterpiece with Bob Ross.
We all miss Bob. If you haven’t visited his YouTube channel yet, maybe tonight’s the night to tune in and learn from the master. Perhaps try painting a beautiful mountainscape or a scenic stream to feel as if you’re actually outside.

9. Journal away jitters.
We all know journaling reduces stress. So whether you’re self-reflecting on your current mental state or fleshing out your shit list, jot it down in a notebook. Our I Need Some Serious Me Time Inner-Truth™ Journal (complete with solitude-inspiring quotes) can be of service.

10. Sleep.

Have a tip to add to the list? Tell us in a comment.