Tips for Raising Little Creatures of the Boy Variety Top Picks From Top Knock Knockers

We’re ready to look outward during this tenth year and beyond, however, let’s not forget the leaders who have been the solid foundation of Knock Knock for quite some time—and their inherent solid taste. With her calm demeanor and equally cool taste, Trish, our VP of Brand Development, is chock-full of parenting pointers to amuse the little people we call “kids.”

Oh, boy. I’m talking about the six-year-old kind—the kind that can be the apple of your eye one moment and a rotten potato the next.

My little creature is named Clyde. He is in the first grade and loves sports. He’s a constant energy source—moving practically every second of the day. Even when Clyde is watching a movie, his toes are wiggling like mad. It simply never ends.

I’ve learned to keep up with his boyish bounce with a sense of humor and enthusiasm of my own. I’ve read my share of parenting books and indulged in purchases that help bring lightheartedness and fun to our everyday life.

The five tips (and picks) below, feature some of my favorite goods intended for those little creatures of the boy variety. Enjoy.


Tip #1: Use humor to help heal the “owies.”

Who doesn’t love bacon? My son loves these bacon bandages. They’re perfect for soothing his daily scrapes and scratches—with humor.


Tip #2: Let small decisions help shape big opinions.

Knock Knock’s This . . . or That? Activity Book helps my son express and explore his likes and dislikes among all kinds of things.


Tip #3: Video games aren’t all that.

This classic Cubebot by Areaware is just the thing to help my son move from digital to “real,” imaginative play. No batteries required—and it’s nearly impossible to break!


Tip #4: Let imagination rule the household.

Our new Clump-o-Lumps are a favorite in our house, and the easy mix-and-matching feature often leads to stories of far away worlds and make believe.


Tip #5: When in doubt, go back to basics.

This portable “pocket” edition is great on the go. Some of our favorite featured activities include how to make a paper hat, how to skip stones, and how to write a note in secret ink.