Today’s National High-Five Day High-Fives for All!

We’re big fans of high-fives—have you seen our best-selling High Five Nifty Note or our head honcho, Jen, dominating the High-Five Challenge? (If you haven’t seen the latter, scroll down, it’s below). Yup, high-fives are the fiber of our hands. And since it’s National High-Five Day (NH5D), who knows, we may just go beyond the standard palm slap and try The Escalator.

This year, we also want to give a special high-five to a non-profit dedicated to the hand gesture, The National High Five Project. They’re founders of the National High-5-a-Thon for cancer research. But today they’re wanting folks to join in their online NH5D Rally in support of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings:

For this year’s National High Five Day — today, April 18 — let’s all reach out to help Boston. After tragedies like this, two critical services are often not covered by victims’ insurance companies — mental-health counseling and physical therapy. We’re partnering with Boston-area providers offering affordable services (including Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy and Thriveworks Counseling). On average each $5 donated today pays for 5 minutes of care from those providers . . . Let’s high five for Boston!

This non-profit is dedicating their high-fives to the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Using high-fives as an instrument to help each other out is a beautiful thing. And even if you refuse to slap someone’s hand today, just know we’re sending all of you Internet high-fives with the intensity to match Jen’s skills (see vid above).