Dog Lovers Unite! Enter Your Canine in Our Very Bad Dog Giveaway

Knock Knock Very Bad Dog Giveaway

Dog lovers unite! National Dog Day is around the corner and we believe it goes without saying that dogs have been mankind’s best friends since the beginning of time—and the world nods in a collective “duh!” They’re our furry, friendly, and cuddly canines that protect us against anything and anyone, and love us unconditionally. They bring us the paper, drown us in dog kisses, sleep next to us, accompany us on those morning jogs, and lift up our spirits when we’re feeling down. Dogs are great, but let’s face it—much like the yin and yang of the world, they have a bad side as well. They pee in places they shouldn’t, chew up our favorite shoes, leave a trail of dirty paws after we’ve mopped the floor, drool on our clothes, steal our food when we’re not looking, and the list goes on!

In honor of National Dog Day and our book, How to Have a Very Bad Dog, a satirical spin on how to raise the worst dog on the block, we’re calling all dog lovers to enter our Very Bad Dog Giveaway and show us just how naughty your loveable canines can be. Much like humans, every dog has its day—and we’d like to witness it. The prize: $50 to spend at and

How to Have a Very Bad Dog Book
In the spirit of our “How to Traumatize your Children” book, “How to Have a Very Bad Dog” details how to successfully raise the very worst canines.

How to Enter:

  1. Read our Official Rules.
  2. Enter using Instagram: Snap a photo of your dog, tag @knockknockstuff and hashtag it #baddog. To qualify for entry, your Instagram profile must be public.
  3. Enter using Twitter: Snap a photo of your dog, tag @knockknock and hashtag it #baddog. To qualify for entry, your Twitter profile must be public.

The giveaway starts today and closes August 26, 2014 (National Dog Day) at 11:59 p.m. PST. We’ll contact our winners through whichever method they use by August 31.