Vlogger Emma Blackery’s Addiction: Lists Press Faves

Emma Blackery. Have you heard of her? You should. She’s the spunky, honest, and utterly hilarious Brit behind vids that contemplate the trivial and loveably geeky side of everyday quandaries. Plus, she dyes her hair a different color every few weeks. It’s fiery magic, really.

In a particular vid from May, she highlights her “strange addictions,” which is a good mix of vanilla coke (the drink, not drug!) and making lists.

“I’m a very neurotic kind of person. I have to check on things, I have to constantly know what’s going on in my life or I am freaking the fuck out,” she said. It’s certainly comforting to know we’re in good company, Emma. And we’re certainly glad she stumbled upon our notepads at Waterstones. Check out the vid for her full reaction: (Spoiler alert: she thinks we’re rad.)

Emma Blackery is addicted to making lists. And we’re completely okay with that.


Definitely subscribe to Emma’s weekly vids at youtube.com/emmablackery.

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