We Want Your Feedback! Fill Out Our Survey and Get Free Stuff in Return!

Fill out the survey and get a "Duh" sticky note (100 sheets)!

We’ve been doing this blogging thing for almost two months now (so bleeding edge), with over forty blog posts under our belt. We’ve had fun writing and creating it, but it’s been even more fun reading everyone’s comments, ideas, and responses.

However, there’s always room for improvement (ahem—we’ve admitted that even we make mistakes). So we want (okay, we need) to hear all of your genius thoughts on it so far! To that end, we’d be eternally (or at least for a week or so) grateful if you’d fill out a quick, nonscientific, not-created-by-a-polling-firm survey.

But before you roll your eyes and laugh at the impropriety of this request, we’re pulling a quid pro quo on you fantabulous fans.

This survey is now closed. Any survey filled out after October 31 will not receive complimentary DUH Sticky Notes.

Fill out this survey on our blog by October 31, and we’ll send you a free “Duh” sticky note (100 sheets)! Because we want your feedback—duh!

Note about the survey: None of these field are mandatory, but if you want that free sticky note, we’ll need your mailing and email addresses (again—duh) as well as all questions answered (that’s not a duh—that’s just extortion).