Welcome, New FOKKers! Wait A Second—What Is A FOKKer?

Yesterday was a momentous day in FOKKer history—so much so that we can proudly welcome 785 friends to the Knock Knock family! (That’s right, people. We received 785 new Facebook fans in a day and a half!) However our company’s “rad”-ittude can’t take all of the credit, since we did have help from our massive email blitz that went out yesterday morning (see below). If you didn’t get said email, we recommend you sign up so you can get in the know. (FYI to sign up, go to our site and it’s located in the bottom left, under “Join the Club.”)

All of you new fans must be wondering, “Why are you calling me a FOKKer? Should I be offended? Should I file for defamation?” To clue you in, FOKKer means Friend of Knock Knock, an acronym that sits comfortably in our hearts. We take pride in knowing that the FOKKer community spans across the world—and that FOKKers have our backs as much as we have theirs.

Also, today, our first “Friendly Friday” feature went up on the blog. Read about longtime-friend Erika, if you haven’t already! And feel free to send us your Knock Knock product pictures and stories (via Facebook, Twitter, or to blog@knockknockstuff.com) because we love sharing stuff!

And just so you know, we’re currently taking bets on how many Facebook likes we will have by December. But more on that later. Have a good weekend, everyone!

The record-breaking blitz.