Welcome to Plumb Notebooks Introduction by Creative Director Tucker Nichols

Plumb was started with a basic question: why in a sea of blank books is it so hard to find one that’s just right? The choice seems to be between classy but boring or a lame interior with a famous painting on the cover. But what if we let the artists design the whole thing—not just the art, but the format and guts of the books, too? What would come out, and how might those books change the kinds of ideas and drawings people put in them?

Katherine Bradford’s notebooks in her Brooklyn studio. Photo by Katherine Bradford.
Katherine Bradford’s notebooks in her Brooklyn studio. Photo by Katherine Bradford.

Like many worthwhile projects, Plumb came to be because we assembled a great team of people—design team MacFadden & Thorpe and product company Knock Knock—who all have different areas of expertise but wanted to make something new together. The artists we’ve worked with have brought unconventional ideas, artwork, and attitudes to keep us all on our toes. How they think and what they make is the core of Plumb. (I say that especially about the other artists—I’m lucky to be one of the first artists, as well as part of the founding team.)

If you decide to buy a Plumb notebook or two, thanks. Please use them hard and let us know how they work for you. You can tag any photos you post online with #knockknockstuff or send us an email to wholesale@knockknockstuff.com so we can see how they are working out.

These days we can use as much creative thinking as we can get. I’m convinced that the way artists think is a widely overlooked resource in today’s complicated world. Of course making blank books isn’t going to fix all of our problems, but it still seems like an OK place to start.

Thanks for having a look, and come back and see what happens at this space. We plan to use it to explore the idea of creativity, both as it relates to Plumb and out in the world at large. We don’t know exactly what it will turn into, but we promise to keep it interesting.

–Tucker Nichols