What A Lovely FOKKing Present! Friendly Friday

We’re number one fans of our fans. (We’re sure you know how much you contribute to our existence.) So we want to thank you all with a column dedicated to you: “Friendly Fridays”! Once a month, we will be featuring a certain friend and their Knock Knock stuff-related stories.

Earlier this month, we had an impromptu blog contest to celebrate the release of our Spring 2012 products. The very first entrant (and an unbeknownst winner) loved our Office Speak Pencil Case since it could help with his crafting, including organizing the supplies he uses to make these magazine envelopes. (It really is a rad idea, and we’re psyched to try it out ourselves!)

The winner, Martin, told us if he won, he would send us “before” and “after” pictures showing how he’d use our pencil case. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, we received his thank-you note that included not only pictures, but paper knickknacks that remind us exactly why we love the friends of Knock Knock.

So we’re dedicating February’s Friendly Friday to him! Check out what he snail mailed us:

1. Thank-you letter. (Hey there, Knock Knock Lover Boy!)


2. “Before” and “after” pictures. Plus, they’re Polaroid-esque! The vintage nerd in us totally flipped out.


3. Slang Flashcard. (This an old-school flashcard, so this proves he’s been a longtime fan.)


4. Magazine envelope. This illustration is oh-so Venice.

5. A handsome photo of himself.


As you can tell, we adore this! Thanks again, Martin!