What Happens At The Knock Knock Holiday Party . . . In it for the Money—And Booze.

In case you missed out on the live tweeting we had going on last Friday (or lack thereof), check out some pics from our recent all-company holiday party at the Lula Cocina Mexicana—just a few miles away from the office. We’re choosing to share just a handful of images so as not to reveal too much of our frivolity (or drunken galore). We also realize the darkness of the photos. You see, we meant to capture the party’s ambiance (although, we may have forgotten to use flash).

Knock Knockers mingling before dinner:

The customer service team smiling sweetly for the camera. (Left to right: Jazzlyn, one of our customer service specialists; Jazzlyn's main squeeze, Darren; Carolyn, our VP of sales; and Liz, our newest customer service gal.)


Business-side buds. (Jazzlyn and Randy, our national sales manager.)


Ready to start the night off right. (Jim, our COO and Craig, our creative director.)


How about another round of smiles? Thank you. (Left to right: Michal, our other amazing customer service specialist, Liz, and Michal's main squeeze KJ.)


Lovely. Our operations associate Paul with his girlfriend, Jen.


A great pic of Carolyn and Randy!


Rex, our e-commerce manager and his wife, Chay. We also spot Gil, our director of operations and Zach, our dutiful IT dude, in the background.


. . . And then food was served:

Admiring my own plating technique.


Taking a moment to say "Hi!" to the camera. (Left to right: Odi, our controller; Odi's girlfriend, Johnel; Chelsea, our manufacturing coordinator; Alexis, one of our amazing graphic designers; Meredith, writer and editor, Jamie, another superwoman writer and editor; Ram's wife Tara; and Ram, our accounting manager.)


After dinner, Jen gave a heartwarming speech about Knock Knock’s year in retrospect. My tearducts were in overdrive and I failed to capture the moment, but this was shortly thereafter:

Craig, saying a few words after Jen's speech.


Kelly, our customer service manager, will be leaving Knock Knock after a whopping eight years of hard work. Jen gave her this official plaque so she can remember us. We'll miss you heaps, Kelly!


. . . To top the night—hell, we’ll be frank—we threw back a few more drinks and it felt really good.

Nothing says, "We're having a blast" like taking a picture in the women's powder room. (Carolyn and Elyse, our back-from-maternity-leave director of manufacturing.)


Our guess on what happened: everyone was telling a round of jokes, so Gil chimed in. From Paul's expression, it was probably a miss, but at least Gil was satisfied.