What the Hell Should You Get Your Coworkers? Great (Holiday) Gifts of the Week

Whether you’re (willingly) gifting colleagues or (unwillingly) participating in an all-office White Elephant exchange, finding presents for your coworkers can be a tricky trek. You want your presents to stay within the boundaries of appropriateness while still bending the lines of originality. And let’s face it, as much as we love the workmate who gives that digital clock-embedded travel mug for the third year in a row, it’s time for you to earn extra cool points and break the mundane, office gift-giving routine.

Lucky for you, you can use the code “5BUCKS” at checkout to chop $5 off your orders from now until 12/22/11.

And don’t forget to offer the recipient a swig of your hidden desk flask when you give your presents (well, disregarding the first person):

1. The Stress-Inducing, Always Unsettling, Overbearing Boss. You’re the go-getter who loves to be kept on their toes, but your supervisor expects you to perform professional pointe work all the time. Counter that by giving the boss-man or woman something to channel their inner control freak, yet won’t make you look like a complete brownnoser. Our 5 Days a Week Paper Mousepad or Deal With This Stamp would be a good fit. Plus, he or she will be too busy utilizing their new scheduling and stamping tools that they won’t realize it was actually you who ate their sandwich from the fridge last Tuesday.

Convert their scrutinizing look into stamped form.


2. The “Thank God You Work Here” Office-mate. At the end of the workweek, he or she shares the remnants of your sanity when you feel like there are only fragments of it left. Treat your work buddy to a drink with our Why I Must Get Drunk With You Pad. Our In My Humble Opinion Inner-Truth Journal can also be their safe haven for workday venting.

You would be a master clock-watcher without this person around the office.


3. The Intern that Actually Does Stuff. Oh, to be young, doe-eyed, and willing to work for free again. Your favorite, hard-working intern deserves a token of your appreciation, don’t you think? Our Corporate Flashcards will impart very true yet trivial business jargon, which they can then take with them on their next—hopefully paid—endeavor. Also, give them a While You Were Sticky Note, so they can be sure to let the lazy ones in the office know that they missed another phone call while they were out “getting a coffee” at the neighborhood pub.

Pay your intern with kindness from your heart and Knock Knock Corporate Flashcards. And also, don't ever have an intern shine your shoes.


4. The Basketcase with Tenure. Everyone understands that this person lost his or her marbles years and years ago. But said person has grown on you and you can’t help but find their senile tendencies somewhat charming. (Plus, they’ve outlasted almost everyone else in the company so far—they must be doing something right!) Our My Dysfunctions Journal would be a perfect present for them to sort out their issues, whether they choose to face it head-on or not. And, as always, our Workday Recovery Kit can help bandage up years and years of workplace exhaustion (however, it does not help carpal tunnel).

He or she has been at the company the longest. You would go crazy too.