What We’re Thankful For A List for Thanksgiving and Beyond!

This Thanksgiving, other than sleeping in for two extra days, the Knock Knock team is thankful for (READ ON to see our whole list):

1. “Family is something we all love to bash a bit, but this year family means more to me than it ever has, particularly Mr. Baby—aka my son, Jack. (Note: ‘family’ also includes honorary aunties and uncles.) We’re rich!” —Kate, editor (featured above)


2. “I’m thankful for my fellas, Mike, Jake, and Jason. They are my everything.” —Kelly, sales support analyst


3. “I remain thankful for my dog, Paco, whom I love perhaps more than is appropriate (at least if you’re not a dog person or a my-pet-is-my-best-buddy person). He always reminds me of joy, love, and play. This is my new favorite picture of him, for its unusual chiaroscuro look (Paco’s almost always in full light) and his somber, pensive stance (also unusual), taken by our friend SaraAnne.” —Jen, head honcho


4. “I’m thankful for my amazing family, friends, and doggie, Sandro! They’re the best peeps in the world.” —Arnold, publicist


5. “I am thankful for the ecosystem.” —Erin, manufacturing coordinator


6. “I’m thankful for my hilarious and amazing friends—without which, I’d be alone for photobooth photos!” —Sara, e-commerce manager


7. “I’m thankful my husband and I live in a place where we can dive our local waters year-round!” —Lindsey, senior designer


8. “I’m thankful for my beautiful BFF, Eileen.” —Janet, designer


9. “I’m thankful for my friends’ existence in my life, including Knock Knock assistant editor, Rebecca Braverman. This is her self-portrait.” —Melanie, marketing and digital coordinator


10. “It’s a given that we’re all thankful for family and friends during this holiday, but I’d like to give a special Thanksgiving shout-out to the peeps that I live with—Ben the husband and Sherman the cat.” —Janet, marketing designer


11. “I’m thankful that I can walk to work!” —Lonnie, national sales manager


12. “The uber, most wonderful thing (person) I’m thankful for is my one and only Cal Pal! He gives me light, hope, and unconditional love. I am more than just thankful, I am truly blessed!” —Jazzlyn, customer service specialist


13. “I am thankful for the wide variety of fish sauce found in our local Asian supermarkets. It’s my secret ingredient in a multitude of dishes—but I haven’t yet figured out a way to use it in my granny crack* recipe.” —Jamie, editor at large

*Granny crack is a candy I always make (and bring to Knock Knock) during the holidays—so called because it’s something my granny made and it’s as addictive as crack. It’s also shamefully easy to make. AKA Chocolate Caramel Crackers or Christmas Crack, here’s the recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2009/04/chocolate-caramel-crackers/


14. “I’m thankful to live near so many beautiful parks and hiking trails. They’re a great way to stay fit and keep my mischievous pups out of trouble.” Travis, sales associate


15. “I’m thankful for all my daughter’s finger and toes, for several cousins of 28 total who are like brothers and sisters to me (they know who they are), and for my killer design team and our Monday morning, gastronomically-inspired breakfast meetings that always start our work week with a flourish.” —Mia, design director


16. “I am thankful for ugly things that make other things beautiful, and sunlight filtering through the leaves.” —Will, production artist


17. “I am thankful for the growth I’ve had in the past year. I’ve learned a lot in my relationships with my boyfriend, family, friends, and co-workers, and I’m so grateful for my full and amazing life!” —Katie, assistant to the publisher


What are you thankful for this year? Tell us in a comment!