What’s the Best Knock Knock Joke? . . . As If There Really Is One

“Knock, knock!”

“Who’s there?”

“A banal, overused punch line revolving around a subpar pun intended to force a tepid snicker from both parties.”

“. . . Oh.”

As you can imagine, we hear Knock Knock jokes and “Who’s there?” on a regular basis. When Jen started the company, in 2002, she thought that great knock knock jokes would be plentiful and available to enhance witty marketing. Five knock knock joke books later, she realized this wasn’t the case, and that most knock knock jokes were pretty stupid.

That’s where you come in. For November’s blog contest, we want to read your best knock knock zingers—and we’re talking originals here! The chosen winner will receive $50 in Knock Knock stuff, not to mention high regard for making us actually laugh at a knock knock joke (in itself invaluable).

Think all of the Knock Knock goods you could buy with your winnings . . .

Here are the rules, peeps:

  1. Read the blog Terms of Use. This is always important.
  2. Submit your joke to blog@knockknockstuff.com (and feel free to send as many as you’d like). Also, kindly post your entry in the comments section (it’s not a requirement, but it’s nice to share a laugh once in awhile).
  3. Due date: December 21, 2011 by 4:00 p.m, PST.

Knock knock! Who’s there? Kant. Kant who? Kant wait for our stomachs to hurt from laughing!