Where’s Waldo? It’s Not Just My Grandma!

Aw, so sweet that one sister inspired another to get something as unique as a chalkboard! But I think that “quinoa” listing is just for show.

I still kind of think that my grandma buys all the Knock Knock products that sell. Never mind that she’s ninety and doesn’t really leave her assisted-living apartment too much anymore. Whenever somebody tells me they bought a Knock Knock product before I met them I’m always inappropriately tickled.

So imagine how good it feels to see Knock Knock as unplanned set dressing or in press on someone’s house! Really good. I say “unplanned” set dressing because we are frequently approached by television shows about including product in some shot or another. When I know it’s going to be there, it’s not quite as exciting (though still very cool). As a matter of fact, I signed a release to allow Intimidations and Ultimatums for All Occasions to be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season (and let me tell you, I’m a big fan—of all the Housewives shows except Miami, actually, and I’m pretty much over Atlanta). The release doesn’t guarantee they’ll use it, just that they can, and since it didn’t appear on the other night’s finale, I’m sorely disappointed. I mean, Terese Giudice pulling from our book? Knock Knock me over with a feather.

Yesterday I was perusing People (I’ve subscribed since I was in college—in fact, my grandma originally got me the subscription and paid for it for years), and what should I see but our All Out Of Pad on Tia Mowry’s kitchen chalkboard? Ah, sweet frisson. And especially considering that the season finale of Tia & Tameraoutshine[d] [its] record-breaking premiere and ranks as the Style Network’s most-watched original series ever” (italics mine).

On second thought, maybe Terese Giudice doesn’t need Intimidations and Ultimatums for All Occasions.

The other two sightings I remember particularly well were also both All Out Of (which, by the way, is our bestselling product of all time). One was on Sarah Jessica Parker’s refrigerator in that odd little downer of a movie Smart People, and the other was on Kristen Wiig’s fridge in . . . just about my favorite movie of the year, Bridesmaids. (Another by-the-way: we played hooky one afternoon and went to go see Bridesmaids as an office. Unfortunately, we’d accidentally gone to a showing for the hearing-impaired, which mean subtitles. Which I thought were part of the humor during the opening sex scene. And then they got annoying. And then I realized they were there to stay. They totally ruined the comic timing because you’d read a line before hearing it. I asked the theater management to take them off but apparently there was actually one hard-of-hearing person in the audience. All of us developed different coping mechanisms for hiding or not watching the subtitles. Mine made my eyeballs hurt.)

Nothing will ever top the fact that Jennifer Aniston stamped our WTF on her abs, though. Nothing.

We’d love to see pictures of your All Out Of in situ, or WTF on your abs. Anything! Send ’em to blog@knockknockstuff.com. Pretty please! We want to find Waldo—over and over again.