Which KK Product Did Pee-wee Herman Call A “Must-Have”? It’s Our “Friendly Fridays” Feature!

See, it really did happen.

We’re number one fans of our fans. (We’re sure you know how much you contribute to our existence.) So we want to thank you all with a column dedicated to you: “Friendly Fridays”! Twice a month, we will be featuring a certain friend and their Knock Knock stuff-related stories.

However, before we start posting your splendid pictures and product tales, let’s inaugurate this new feature with a certain celebrity friend of Knock Knock—Pee-wee Herman.

On May 26, 2011, Pee-wee Herman tweeted and posted (at least we like to believe he was the person who was actually doing it) the message above.

After we saw his shout-out, giddiness rose from our toes to our nose. We started running around the office, our desk chairs started talking, and we started throwing our Paper Tweet Nifty Notes in the air while chanting, “Let the cartoon begin!” (Only that didn’t actually happen. But we did feel very, very accomplished.)

We’re excited for “Friendly Fridays”! Right now we have a plethora of fan pics that we’ve gathered so far, but why not send us yours to blog@knocknockstuff.com?

Pee-wee Herman is a certified Friend of Knock Knock.