Which Pumpkin Design is Best? You Decide! Vote for Your Favorite Knock Knocker Pumpkin

We’re a month into fall and our Venice locale’s temperature is dropping to a steady cool. What better time than now to crank up the heat* inside Knock Knock headquarters?

We held our own pumpkin-carving contest in the office to really catalyze and foster that competitive edge innate among the Knock Knock team. So several Knock Knockers pushed their sleeves back and carved their little pumpkin hearts out. Some participated in the contest in the spirit of Halloween, while others just have a not-so-secret love for in-season squash.

The participants, minus Jen, our head honcho. From L to R: Travis, sales associate; Elyse, director of manufacturing; Paul, assistant manager of customer service and operations; Aimee, designer; Sara, e-commerce manager; Dayna, assistant editor; Kate, associate editor; Mel, marketing and digital coordinator.


But we need your help to determine which pumpkin ranks supreme. The pumpkin’s designer will win the grand prize—a $50 Trader Joe’s gift card and year-long office bragging rights.

Vote for your favorite pumpkin design now! How to vote:

  1. Scroll through the pumpkin designs below. Each pumpkin has an assigned number.
  2. In a comment in this post, write the assigned number of the pumpkin you want to vote for. You can only vote once.
  3. We are accepting votes now through 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, 10/28.
  4. Knock Knockers: you cannot vote for yourself. But you can give yourself a pat on the back. That is fine.

We’ll announce the winner of the contest on Halloween—a total and utter coincidence.**


Now, for the entries:

1. A diorama of a Knock Knock store. It’s whimsical and relevant.


2. R2-D2—is this the droid you’re looking for?


3. The Son of Pumpkin.


4. Los Angeles Dodgers. Giant fans, watch yourself.


5. WTF—the best acronym in pumpkin form.


6. Candy corn. Perfectly sweet-looking.


7. Tobias Fünke blue himself into a pumpkin.


8. A pirate’s life for squash!


9. The Treachery of Pumpkins.


Okay, guys, we’ve left the judging in your precious hands. Which pumpkin design do you think is best?

*You know we mean business when we risk sounding like an ’80s (or early ’90s) movie cliché.
**No, it’s not.