Who Framed “Rabbit, Rabbit”? Happy First of the Month!

Rabbit . . . Rabbit. (We sound like frogs.)

The phrase “rabbit, rabbit” and “bunny, bunny” was an off-topic of discussion today. Some of us have heard of it and some of us slowly scratched our heads. But according to the British superstition (we could only find a reference via Wikipedia, so validity is flimsy), saying either phrase right when you wake up on the first of the month will bring you good luck for the rest of the month. Apparently rabbits symbolize good luck (hence the token rabbit’s foot key chains—ugh), but we’re not too sure why it has to be said twice. Maybe a friend of Knock Knock can explain the true origins to us, or point us toward the right direction. (We’re a curious bunch.)

Anyways, why not text someone “rabbit, rabbit” today and spread the good vibes (or just confuse the hell out of them)?

And do you know any other odd, first-of-the-month superstitions?