Who Loves Bacon? Carolyn Loves Bacon!

In your life, you probably know Star Wars fanatics, jazz junkies, and beer aficionados. How about bacon buffs? Carolyn, our former VP of Sales, continues to pave the way for bacon enthusiasts everywhere.

She mentioned in her “In It for the Money” that she’s a lover of bacon:

11. Food or drink you couldn’t live without? Trendy or not, it’s bacon. Note exhibit A: I am a known bacon lover far and wide—as indicated by a sampling of related gifts given to me over the years.

So the night before Carolyn’s last day at Knock Knock, our manufacturing director, Elyse, used her innate ingenuity (and leftover felt) and crafted the perfect send-off present for Carolyn: a giant stuffed bacon.

(From left to right) Elyse, felt bacon (name still TBD), and Carolyn.


We hope this piece of bacon takes top-shelf priority among your collection, CA!