The Winner of Our Epic Employee Prank Giveaway

Congratulations to Richard of Chicago, Illinois, the winner of our Epic Employee Prank Giveaway! His entry:

Most recently, when a writer on my team went away to Las Vegas, I built her a cardboard house on top of her cubicle. It was a joke around the office that she had put up a privacy shield at the same time that a new employee, Tim, started. I basically expanded her little privacy shield into a full blown home, complete with a door, window, mailbox, and everything.

The results are in the video above. Nicely, nicely done. Richard, your Cubicle Guest Book and Knock Knock  prize pack are on its way!

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  1. Thanks a million, Knock Knock! Can’t wait for everything.

    — Richard LaRue on
  2. This is hilarious! Nice job, Richard!

    — Sara H. on

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