The Winners of our Cat Lady Giveaway The Cat Lady has sung!

A Snippet of our Cat-Lady Entries.

It’s official: the cat lady has sung! We received many photos of your purr-fect little felines and our cat obsession may have upped a notch or two, probably three—okay, ten! Whether we saw cat selfies, cats sleeping, or cats in costumes, we enjoyed every one of you showing us just how much you love your furry little children.

So without further ado, congratulations to our three giveaway winners! (In no particular order)

Carrie D.

Erica H.

Jacqueline M.


Carrie, Erica, and Jacqueline all received $50 gift codes to Hope you enjoyed your prize, ladies!

Dog lovers: be on the lookout for a giveaway all about your pup happening very soon.

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  1. Thank you, Knock Knock for honoring my BFF (Best Feline Friend) of 18 years. I miss her but am excited to share her picture with you and the other cat lovers at Knock Knock!

    — Patchoules on

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