Write Off Jerks in a Jiffy! A (Custom) Knock Knock Pad to Catalog Your Grudges

Our Hand-Lettered Hey Asshole Pad for Urban Outfitters.

You’re familiar with our mighty signature line, but did you know we also create custom goods, too? Since 2007, we’ve worked ever so closely with a variety of brands to design products that fit a retailer’s specific customer need and overall style. Of course, all our custom stuff is sprinkled with Knock Knock flair, as well as our distinct design sensibility and wit. We’re excited to share these products with you and hope you like them!

Hand-Lettered Hey Asshole Pad

Close-up of hand-written wit.


No matter how hard you kill people with kindness, there’s always going to be that schmuck who knows exactly how to push your buttons. But if you do find yourself in a spat, take the high road and turn it into a paper trail with our Hand-Lettered Hey Asshole Pad for Urban Outfitters.

Illustrator Kate Bingaman Burt added a whimsy touch to our original Hey Asshole Pad with this custom version, and we like to think of it as a nicer, readable slap on the wrist. Just tear off a sheet, check off exactly how you feel, and let them literally take note of your angst. And hopefully you’ll never have to see their face ever again!

Get them while you can for yourself or for a friend at UrbanOutfitters.com or at the nearest Urban Outfitters store.