5 Things To Do With Your $5 Saved At Checkout! . . . For Those Who Have No Idea What To Do With Your Extra Savings!

That’s right. Right this second, through 12/22, get $5 off your overall Knock Knock order—just type “5BUCKS” at checkout!

We know, we know—now you’re stuck in this predicament of what to do with your newly-saved $5. Sorry, we didn’t mean to throw a curveball there.

To make it up to you, here are five ideas on what to do with the five bucks you just saved:

1. Buy five things from a dollar store. That’s a handful of things (think of it as a present for each finger on one hand).


2. Give $5 to “Hobo Joe”. He’s that guy living underneath the overpass with the tattered, Sharpie-scribbled sign. Cross our fingers he won’t buy hardcore drugs with it, though (maybe a pack of booze, at least).


3. Go to the closest Redbox and rent these movies: Bridesmaids (our All Out Of Pad makes a cameo appearance), Horrible Bosses, The Help, Our Idiot Brother, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. (These are my personal recommendations, not Knock Knock’s.) Order a pizza, grab your family or your significant other and make tonight a movie night!


4. Ask that “hottie McHotstuff” out to coffee and actually purchase a cup of coffee for him or her. You’ve been putting it off long enough anyways.


5. Spend an extra $5 on a Knock Knock Sticky Note or Nifty Note. (Hi, I’m Mel, and I’m shameless.)