8 Tips to Get Out Of Your Procrastination Funk Don’t Put Off Reading This List

8 Tips to Get Out Of Your Procrastination Funk

Procrastinators, you’re in good company. Even though we love lists, we also find it challenging to shift into action-mode—especially when we would rather be watching The Office re-runs while devouring a burrito bowl. So, we asked a handful of our favorite creative professionals how they get out of procrastination’s unforgiving black hole. Whether you’re studying for a final exam or finishing that project you’ve been putting off, these productivity tips will get you well on your way.

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DIY Desk Organizers that Speak For Themselves An Upcycle Idea for All Craft Levels

DIY Desk Organizers - Knock Knock Blog

We’re getting our shit together this Spring starting with our desks—our productivity home away from home. This easy DIY desk décor idea from Robert Mahar, the creative mind behind our Paint-by-Numbers Kits and Personal Award Ribbons, shares an easy way to upcycle tin cans into handmade organizers. Plus, you can pin notes, photos, or anything you’d like to them for double usefulness.

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6 Simple Desk Organizing Tips You’ll Want to Try this Week Declutter Your Desk Space Like the Pros

6 Desk Organizing Tips - Knock Knock

Having a go-getter lifestyle can possibly lead to strewn papers everywhere, old succulents desperately in need of water, and a desktop calendar dated 2014—but no more! With the heat of spring cleaning upon us, here are quick tips to give your desk a facelift for the season, straight from the mouths of busy bees.

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