DIY Desk Organizers that Speak For Themselves An Upcycle Idea for All Craft Levels

DIY Desk Organizers - Knock Knock Blog

We’re getting our shit together this Spring starting with our desks—our productivity home away from home. This easy DIY desk décor idea from Robert Mahar, the creative mind behind our Paint-by-Numbers Kits and Personal Award Ribbons, shares an easy way to upcycle tin cans into handmade organizers. Plus, you can pin notes, photos, or anything you’d like to them for double usefulness.


We used Robert’s directions from the video, but put our own Knock Knock spin on his monogrammed version. Inspired by our Keep It Simple Stickies, we used the adhesive letters to create Blah, Crap, and WTF masterpieces. Putting your own phrase on these babies makes for a cool and original DIY gift for a fellow officemate.

Blah Can - DIY Idea

Additional tips:

  • For cork roll, we used Mini Cork Rolls by The Board Dudes. We also tried an adhesive cork, but we found it was too thin to stick pins through.
  • For glue, we used Tacky Glue, which was strong enough to hold.
  • For paint, we used an acrylic paint set with paintbrushes by Creative Joy.
  • For adhesive letters, we used Duro Decal 1” letters. You can even use 5” letters for longer words with 5-6 letters.
  • We waited 1 hour for the Tacky Glue to dry.
  • We waited 30 minutes for the acrylic paint to dry.
  • NOTE: Because it’s cork, we did find that the paint bled slightly to the cork’s texture. We like this DIY look, but if you want a smoother surface, we recommend wrapping and gluing thick paper on it before painting.

For more DIY inspiration and ideas, check out Robert’s Kin Community channel.