On Creativity: Tucker Nichols, Part 1

Tucker Nichols in Gallery 16 - Plumb Blog

“This photo is from a project at Gallery 16 in San Francisco where we took a small watercolor of mine and blew it up to wall size. I wondered if it would keep the elements that appealed in its original form—but it became something else altogether. Suddenly it was an environment you could walk into rather than a thing you could hold in your hand.

 I have total control in my studio. If something isn’t working, I just get rid of it. But with a transformative process, I give up a lot of that control. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to trust in that type of process. You can’t predict how you’re going to react to a new form of something you’ve made. You just have to have faith that there’s enough energy in the first iteration to ride through to the new form.”

—Tucker Nichols

This photo is from Tucker’s Gallery 16 exhibition, Stockhouse, in San Francisco. Read Tucker’s interview with Dave Eggers on this installation as well.

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