Enter our Bad Parking Jobs Photo Contest! Win a Parking Citation pad and $10 off Knock Knock Stuff

A universal pet peeve: horrendous parking jobs. We’re talking about drivers who decide to take up two spaces and park so stupidly close to our car that we have to somehow maneuver to the driver’s side by crawling from the backseat. Don’t even get us started on parallel parking.

Terrible parking jobs mark blatant idiocy, but at least we can laugh at them, right? Right.

For our latest giveaway, we want you to take a photo of a bad parking job and share it with us. Three winners will receive a Parking Citation Nifty Note and a $10 off at knockknockstuff.com.

How to enter:

1. Read our contest’s Official Rules page.

2. Take a photo of a bad parking job and send it by email to blog@knockknockstuff.com. Be sure to include your first name, age, and email address with your entry. Your picture must be a JPEG and under 4MB. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 17.

We’re excited to see these bad parking jobs, which is a sentence we never thought we would utter.  Spot ’em and send away!