Knock Knock’s Holiday Playlist ‘Tis the Season for Good Music

We picked out our favorite holiday songs for you to enjoy and freely blast on your speakers. You’re welcome.

1. “Ballad of the Sad Young Men” by Roberta Flack —Will, production artist


2. “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey (But you need to watch this version if you haven’t already.) —Dayna, assistant editor and Travis, sales associate


3. “A Marshmallow World” by Dean Martin —Erin, managing editor


4. “Let it Be Christmas” by Alan Jackson —Jim, president


5. “Carol of the Bells” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra —Sara, e-commerce manager


6. “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole —Mia, design director


7. “Candlelight” by The Maccabeats —Paul, assistant manager of customer service and operations


8. “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway —Lena, customer service specialist


9. “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” by Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, Horatio Sanz, and Chris Kattan —Melanie, marketing and digital coordinator


10. “Merry X’Mas Everybody” by Slade —Kate, associate editor


11. “The Dreidel Song” by Julie Silver —Jen, head honcho

Note from Jen: I’d hazard a guess that all non-religious Jews have experienced Christmas envy in their youths (and perhaps into adulthood). Chanukah bushes and carol-sounding songs just underscore their own inferiority. Who doesn’t like Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song,” but who isn’t kind of sick of it, too? So I was really happy to stumble across this version of the dreidel song that doesn’t try to be holiday, but stands on its own as a rocking good time. Just like playing dreidel is—really, I still like to play dreidel. For chocolate gelt. The chocolate gelt is key.


What’s on your holiday playlist? Tell us in a comment below!