Meet Your Fellow FOKKer, Linda! Friendly Friday

We’re number one fans of our fans. (We’re sure you know how much you contribute to our existence.) So we want to thank you all with a column dedicated to you: “Friendly Fridays”! Once a month, we will be featuring a certain friend and their Knock Knock stuff-related stories.

Linda is our first Friend of the Month who currently lives overseas—Germany, to be exact. Sadly, she did not have a photo with her fave Knock Knock product on-hand, but all is good: “When we moved last June, I purged a ton of my office stuff because we kept hearing how small German flats were. So now I’m sans cool office stuff and using whatever I can get my hands on—which is generally yuck, for the lack of a better word.” But we appreciate the love, and you can check out her updates on the daily, @linderooni. (On a related note, our head honcho and publisher just came back from Deustschland!)

Meet Linda, our FOKKer of the Month!

Name: Linda Malie

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany. It’s about a half-hour west of Frankfurt, and the capital of the Hessen state. It’s a beautiful city and I love it here.

Occupation: Mama, grad student, military spouse, and graphic designer. I’m also a fantastic boo-boo kisser, bad-song-maker-upper, and pun lover.

Favorite Knock Knock product: My absolutely favorite Knock Knock product is Squid-o the Clump-o-Lump. In truth, I’m pretty scared of squids. I saw a scale model of a giant squid when I was a kid, this one, and it kind of melted my brain, as I couldn’t comprehend how truly big it was—not to mention the suckers, tentacles, and beak! *Runs screaming.*

Linda’s “Knifty Knock Knock list” on Pinterest. “It contains all the neat stuff I want to restock my office with in the coming months!” Click the pic to check it out.

However, this flavor o’ squid is adorable. With Squid-o, I hope I can take advantage of my fear and show “Short Man” (my two-year-old son) how cool undersea creatures really are. It should give us an opportunity to learn as well, and bond and build some fun zoo memories.

Knock Knock Story Time: My friends are creative types (obviously, since we’re mostly designers!), and as a result, we tend to send each other well-designed products. One of my favorite gifts was a Knock Knock card, from probably around 2004-2005—something like that! My pal had recently moved away for grad school and I missed him a lot, so he sent me a “thinking of you” card, just because.

Linda received one of Knock Knock's earlier "thinking of you" cards, much like this one. And so began her love for Knock Knock.

The card read something like (forgive my spotty memory, it’s been affected by grad school, having a kid, and the aforementioned squid-melting), “You are . . .” and had a billion little tick boxes, each with a different descriptor. My friend had meticulously gone through the list and checked everything that was “me,” and I was so flattered that he took the time to do that, and that a stationery company had thought of such a thing! I thought it was such an awesome concept, and I’ve pretty much loved Knock Knock ever since . . . Oh, and the Slang Flashcards. Another friend had a set and it was hilarious to read the “use it in a sentence” examples!