Plumb Notebooks on Dwell

Architecture and design mag Dwell spotlighted our new Plumb collection in this feature.

Snippets from this piece:

Jason Polan's Observation Notebook

Jason Polan, known for his ambitious project to draw every person in New York City, has created a series of journals that help people take note of the world around them. The ultra-portable Observation Notebook features eye-shaped cutouts on the back cover, making it ideal for conducting covert surveillance.

Nathaniel Russell's Fake Jacket Book

The Fake-Jacket Journal, also by Russell, comes with two reversible jackets, which allow you to present four different faces to the world depending on your mood.

Linda Geary's Stack BookThe Stack Book contains 32 color swatches that formed the basis of one of Geary’s collaborative art projects and encourage you to get creative, too.

Check out the full slideshow here.