Plumb Notebooks Spotlight: A Collection of Paper Options


Jason Polan’s A Collection of Paper Options consists of 12 distinct hand-drawn patterns that will surely spark creativity, yet are subtle enough to use however you would like. Consider these patterns springboards for your own scrawls. These lines derived from Jason’s own desire to collect and experiment with different papers to see how they impact his work.

Collection 2

“Usually I don’t have journals that are straight-lined. I’ll either use blank books or I’ll do graph paper, because I like grids, and I like drawing into them. They help me see things differently. I also like old paper. I have an old pad that’s just for stamp collectors. Having different papers prompts people to do different things—I just think it’s a fun added variable to making artwork.”

—Jason Polan on the creation of A Collection of Paper Options

Collection Interior

A Collection of Paper Options is versatile enough to use in any type of setting that really gets your inventiveness flowing. Plus, with perforated pages and a hole at the top of each page, you can hang your doodle, to-do list, or masterpiece piece anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s used for work, school, or procrastination, it’s bound to get your creative juices flowing.


Here’s a closer look at the notebook:

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