Jen Bilik On AIGA’s Blueprint: Law for Creatives Panel Let’s Talk Intellectual Property Rights

Hey, Los Angeleno design freelancers! Don’t miss our head honcho, Jen Bilik, on AIGA’s Blueprint: Law for Creatives panel this Thursday, July 25 in the Arts District. From the AIGA site: Every designer needs to understand their intellectual property rights and have a working knowledge of contracts. We’ve put together a panel of experts—lawyers, designers and creative business owners—for a …

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Knock Knock All Out Of Pad Red
Why would anybody think they could copy this, our best-selling product of all time? It's for grocery shopping, not copying!

We’ve all heard the saying “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I’d like to make the distinction between “inspired by” and “full-on copycat” here. Since Knock Knock was founded, in 2002, we’ve been proud to see our influence all over the marketplace. We believe in staying on our game so that our creativity always keeps us ahead of the …

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