Ultimate Ping-Pong Championship of Knock Knock The Grand Champion Is . . .

Killerspin. The competition was fierce. Sort of. (Thanks to our editor-at-large, Jamie, for this pic!)

We didn’t realize how competitive our Knock Knock team was until we started our company-wide “Ultimate Ping-Pong Championship,” aka “U.P.C.O.K.K.” (Yes, we did purposefully name it that just so we could use the acronym; and yes, the acronym does still make us giggle like little schoolgirls when we say it aloud.)

We started the tournament in mid-February and ended it this past month in a ping-pong themed fiesta. Here are some highlights from the championship round—Paul, our assistant manager of operations and customer service versus Jim, our president. In the end, there was one victor to congratulate—Jim!


Gentlemen at the ready.


Score one for Jim. Maybe.


Look at that form! (Thanks to our manufacturing coordinator, Chelsea, for this one!)


All the spectators in panorama form.


Final score, Jim: 3 and Paul: 1. Jim is victorious! (Again, thanks for capturing this, Jamie!)


Good match, guys.


See more photos in our Knock Knockers at Work FB album. Can’t wait for the next “U.P.C.O.K.K.” to commence!

Does your workplace hold any internal competitions just for fun? Share with us in a comment!