Welcome to the Cutting-Edge Knock Knock Blog! It’s the Monthly “Head Honcho Hello”!

Hello from all of us to all of you!

Howdy do, delightful readers! We are honored to welcome you to our inaugural blog post, the first of many.

This whole social media thing is such a brave new world, is it not? We finally found our voice on Facebook and Twitter after being dragged there kicking and screaming (now, of course, we mostly love it). What’s left? A blog! It’s the now of 2004, and we are so there.

So much of the Knock Knock creative output is writing. We have an amazing editorial team that toils to bring you verbal content you’ve come to know and love. Then there’s writing all the marketing materials we put out, whether product labels, catalogs for retailers, or the website. For a long time we’ve thought, “What else is left to say, and however will we get it done?”

Until now. Because it turns out we’ve got plenty more to say. So we put our minds to it and thought about what we wanted the Knock Knock blog to be. Here’s what we came up with:

  • We want to reveal Knock Knock’s personality, focusing on what we stand for in addition to what we do. We want Knock Knock to be a company with a face—yes, we also have an ass, but our face is prettier. We want to introduce you to the Knock Knock team and to our beloved Venice, California.
  • We want to inspire our readers by posting things that are useful and fresh, helping ourselves and you be in the know all at the same time.
  • We want to cultivate our relationship with all the friends of Knock Knock out there. It’s been so great getting to know you on Facebook and Twitter, but there’s so much more dialogue we can have here.
  • Most of all, we want to bring you “aha moments” of humor, surprise, and intelligence—hopefully making you laugh or think every day. Or at the very least have something to help pass the time while you’re eating lunch.

In my first conception of Knock Knock, the company was going to create both a magazine and products. The magazine was going to be a “catazine” or a “magalog”—a great publication with only one advertiser, us! I quickly realized that starting a product company was enough work for an army and decided we’d best focus on the stuff that might earn us money in order to keep the whole operation going.

Look! A blog!

But now, with the blog, we’re kind of realizing that dream, and to that end, we’ve come up with more repeating “column” ideas than a whole passel of newspapers. One of them, as a matter of fact, is the “Head Honcho Hello,” in which I, Jen Bilik, will be writing directly to you on a monthly basis, whether or not you care to read it (please—I get tired of hearing myself talk, too).

In the early days, actually, you’ll be hearing a lot from myself and from our fabulous marketing and digital coordinator, Melanie Gasmen (she writes our Facebook and Twitter, too), but as we get our feet under us, you’ll be hearing from others chez Knock Knock.

At the root of it, this is a blog for its readers. We want to hear from you. We want you to comment and share and link and give feedback. Don’t like a column? Tell us. Love a post? Tell us. Have an opinion on an opinion? Tell us. Because we’re Knock Knock—we have a blog, and we’re here for you.