What the Hell Are We Giving People? Great (Holiday) Gifts of the Week

Can you believe Hanukkah starts tomorrow and Christmas is only five days away? In fact, we’re getting ready to wrap up wrapping presents and wanted to finish off this series by sharing what a few of our own Knock Knockers will be giving to the special people in their lives:

1. “I’m buying my girlfriend the Passive-Aggressive Nifty Note because her in-person passive-aggression leaves me wanting more.” –Paul, operations associate

A word of advice to the guys: never iron your girlfriend's behind.


2. “I’m going to get myself the Intervention Pad because (a) why buy other people gifts when you can get something for yourself; and (b) I could use a few good slaps in the face, and I’m just the one to do it.” –Jen, head honcho

Even this lady agrees.


3. “I am giving my eighteen-year-old nephew, who is a freshman in college, the Takeout Menu Organizer in order to help organize his messy dorm room. I’m also going to throw in some WTF and DUH sticky notes for him to send ‘friendly’ reminders to his dorm-mates and buddies. He’ll also think his uncle is pretty cool and hip!” –Jim, COO

If we were Jim's nephew, we'd raise a glass (of sparking cider, of course) for this gift. "Thanks, Uncle Jim!"


4. “I just gave the I’m A Parent? guided journal and the Parenting Flashcards to my nephew and his wife, who are expecting my great-nephew (and I’m sure he’ll be a great great-nephew) in a few weeks. Couldn’t wait until Christmas—Baby Boy Butler could be here by then and they need to know these terms NOW!” –Jamie, writer and editor

We're sure the happy couple smiled when they received their presents!