7 Stupid Workouts to Get You Through the Holiday Season

Don’t be one of those “January people” that joins a gym after the turn of the new year. Actually, skip the fitness-failure fad entirely and beat your winter waistline to the punch with these stupid—but seriously effective—workout routines you can do from the comfort of home. You’ll be glad you did AND have room for even more New Year’s resolutions (like pretending to have the willpower to magically fix all your problems!).

Stupid Reason #1: Baking

It takes deep breathing and strong arms to stir the sludge-like batter of your infamous gluten-free, sugar-free, non-dairy sadness cookies.

Stupid Reason #2: Hanging Christmas Lights

‘Tis the season to finally put up your Christmas lights.

Stupid Reason #3: Reluctantly holding a baby

Your cousin wants you to hold their new baby. You would rather eat glass, but okay.

Stupid Reason #4: Potluck

Because when you go to a party, you BRING the party—and roll up with the microwaveable pizzas and a supersized box of Merlot in your arms.

Stupid Reason #5: Bartending

It’s party time and you’re tasked to whip up a batch of your famous margaritas, and you always insist on freshly-squeezed lime juice. You’ll need a lot of power to make a big batch enough for your thirsty hard-partying pals. You know how much they drink.

Stupid Reason #6: Last-minute gift shopping

You’ve got fifteen minutes to get your gift shopping finished before the mall close—but the escalator is out of order!

Stupid Reason #7: Holiday Travel

Your carry-on bag is a marvel of packing expertise. It contains clothing for ten days, snacks for the plane, gifts for the family, and a laptop. It also weighs about as much as a compact automobile.

Stupid, yes. But they work! Don’t wait until 2019 to be the best version of yourself. Check out the 43 other ridiculously dumb workouts in 50 Totally Stupid Real-Life Reasons to Work Out.