Create Art With Knock Knock Task Clips! Great Gift of the Week

Although Employee Appreciation Day was last Friday, it would be nice to give your favorite colleagues task clips that can speak for themselves.

Luckily, we have three types you can choose from: Utility, Underwhelmed, and Importance, covering all bases. You and your work friends can tackle those mountains of paper and start spring cleaning early!

Or, if you’re currently bored at your desk, make abstract task clip creatures, like these:

A platypus. (A platypus with wings?)


A Star Wars AT-AT Walker. Or, if that's just mumbo jumbo to you, it's a bird catching his or her prey.


Our e-commerce manager Rex made this dragon. We’re going to name him Carl the Dragon. Carl is not a fire hazard.


Now it’s your turn. Post a pic of your own task-clip creations on our Facebook page, Tweet us a pic, or tag us in a Pinterest! We’ll be sure to repost our favorites in return.