Feast Your Eyes On Our New Products Tell Us Your Fave And You Could Win It In Return!

One of our Knock One Back Indelicate Doily Coasters.

The fruits of our labor are finally here, friends! You’ve peeked at a few of our products already, including our Big Word Flashcards, It’s A Dog’s Life JournaI: Our First Year Together, and A Year of Fortunes (Without the Cookies). But I’d virtually march on over here and see the rest of the spring beauties for yourself—if you haven’t already.

We are so excited to introduce new lines, including our Indelicate Doily Coasters and Office Speak gear (dibs on the Rotating Stamp), and we’re so happy to refresh favorites, like our Academic Planners, Task Clips, and Greeting Cards.

You may also notice that our Inner-Truth clan has new kin, including our Inner-Truth Magnets and our Mini Inner-Truth Journals. (There are so many internal conversations to be had.)

One of our newest pads: Culture Vulture.

Speaking of journals, have you seen our One Word a Day Journal or The Self-Help Smorgasbord activity book? Leisure and downtime are totally calling your name. Give in with these helpers.

And curb the little ones’ fussy times with our My Food Passport and My Fitness Passport. (We’re sure it will reduce the amount of groans—from both the kids and yourself—which all parties can appreciate.)

We could go on and on about our new products (we haven’t even touched on our new Pads, Playtime Pads, Nifty Notes, and Sticky Notes), but we’re more thrilled to hear what your favorite is so far.

So, we thought we’d shake things up with a quick, one-day only blog contest! Two winners will receive their favorite new product, courtesy of our anticipation and appreciation.

To enter: Tell us what your favorite new spring product is and why in a blog comment below by 7:00 p.m. PST today. And posts just on our Facebook wall won’t count. (I know, we sound like hard-asses.)

Happy commenting!